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One surprise after another...

Our hosts picked us up in Nanjing and drove us to our home for the next two weeks, Yizheng, China. My partner Brianna and I are the only two teachers at this site. There are 160 JESIE teachers working with 4500 Chinese teachers all over Jiangsu Province. We had mentally prepared ourselves for somewhat limited accomodations, although we had been promised western toilets and air conditioning. Public buildings and rest stops have squatters only. Imagine our surprise as we wheel up to the Li Ming hotel...a luxury hotel, lots of glitz, faintly reminiscent of Las Vegas. We have every amenity one might want: fridge, electric kettle, internet, a wall of windows over looking the city, Our rooms are next door to each other on the ninth floor. Breakfast is provided in the restaurant each morning.
This evening our hosts picked us up for dinner. We walked to a place very nearby. We would never have known it was a restaurant as it was on the second floor. The five of us ate in a private dining room. There seemed to be 8 or 10 of these small rooms. A wide array of dishes including whole fish/fish head which had every part of the fish included.........Serendipity continued as we walked back to the hotel. A wedding was in progress and the wedding car was parked at the entrance. It was a sight to behold a shiny black car with a heart shaped blanket of pink roses in the shape of a heart covering the hood with stuffed Hello Kitty figures on top. We took pictures. We needed a couple of items xeroxed for tomorrow and the front desk was most accomodating. When we got upstairs we were treated to a huge fireworks display up the street. Since then there have been two others from different locations. Maybe they are celebrating our arrival. Yao Ming's retirement is topic number one on the news and in the Chinese papers. One of our hosts was most pleased when he realized I was from Houston.
Another fireworks display just began think I'll take my tea and sit by the window.

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Nanjing Photos

Exploring the hotel and gardens


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Nanjing Morning,Afternoon & Evening

6:00a.m. Stroll

Early morning walk in the park, lots to discover. Took some pics of Flat Toby, Addie & Crowley enjoying the sights. Sky is very hazy, a combination of humidity and smog. Grounds of the park are very lush. We saw a Pagoda, some stone Panda bears and a place with a stone table where people can play games.
Breakfast is a huge buffet of every sort of food imaginable, probably 40 or 50 items, purple rice porridge, pumpkin, eggplant of all kinds, bean curd, fennel tofu, fishes and meats, handmade pulled noodles with beef soup. The fellow makes the noodles right in front of you. Very delicious. There are always rice balls, sesame items and all kinds of steamed breads,dumplings and fruits. Am avoiding fruits except oranges and sticking with cooked things.
In the morning we toured the Museum of the Nanjing Massacre. The massacre was in 1937 when the Japanese invaded and slaughtered over 300,000 people in Nanjing, called Nanking at the time. It was very powerful and moving. Following that we went to the nearby Brocade Museum--getting there a bit of a challenge as our guide went off and about a dozen of us hiked quite a distance in the broiling heat. Ultimately we got there thanks to my jibbigo app--I typed in the name of the place and a museum helper headed us in the right direction. It has been a very helpful app since it translates into Chinese characters.
About 12:30 we headed back to the hotel for another massive buffet. At 2:00 we reboarded the buses (we are now Canadians, Australians and Americans 120 in all)
We toured the Nanjing Museum, very nice porcelains, jade etc. Then off to the Confucius Temple area. Our restaurant for the evening banquet was in that area so we were free for a couple hours. The temple was pretty cool, saw a little musical performance. The whole area is jam packed with tourists, mostly Chinese, lots of shops selling trinkets and souvenirs and some with high end items. A bit of sensory overload
made actual shopping pretty impossible. Lots of great people watching. At 6:00 we met for the banquet--thirty-five small courses. The traditional music was pretty crazy, some dishes lovely others a tad scary. At 8:00 we reboarded the buses for the hotel. A group of us convened in one othe rooms and a couple of the guys headed out for beer. Happily they found it so we sat around and laughed like fools until around 11:00. Conclusion of the day--none of us are cut out for "organized" touring...thank goodness it was only for this one day.

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Shanghai to Nanjing

Yingwen Begins

Met with fellow teachers today and were taken by bus (4 hours)to Nanjing. We're staying at the Huadong Hotel tonight and Saturday night. We'll be picked up on Sunday be the folks from our respective towns and taken there. Met my partner, Brianna, from Baltimore. WE will be working together for both sessions. This afternoon she and I mastered the Nanjing bus system on our own and dashed out for provisions i.e. beer and bottled water. Nanjing is beautiful with lots of trees and gardens. Tonight we had a big ( like 50 choices) buffet dinner with the Yingwen teachers and the teachers from Canada. Tomorrow we are taken as a group on tours pretty much all day and end with a giant banquet.

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Photos along The Bund

Flat T,A & C


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