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Seeing some Sights

IMG_0211.jpgDawn comes very early in Shanghai, 4:45 a.m. Thank goodness the wall of windows in my room has a black out curtain and that I closed it. When I woke up I thought it was about noon since the sun was overhead. It was not even 9:00. The Bund Hotel is right in the middle of things so I set out to explore after a couple of cups of coffee in my room. I headed east and got to THE BUND which is the heart of colonial
Shanghai. It runs along the Huangpu River. All the buildings are from the early 1900's. There is a huge river promenade that runs all along the way. Architecture a very cool contrast to all the super modern structures across the river in Pudong area. The promenade is elevated for great views, downside there is zero shade.
Next I headed down Nanjing Road the shopping place. It starts at the river and runs west. The first part is pretty low key, lots of hotels and offices. After a few blocks I hit the Pedestrian section, every major store one could imagine. Supposedly a million people shop there everyday...not sure that's true. It may have been a slow day due to the somewhat brutal heat. I did make one purchase a petit umbrella, all the locals seem to use them and now I know why. Very little shade anywhere. Bottled water is sold everywhere by this time I was on bottle #2. Stopped for a quick sandwich of sorts. Then headed back to the hotel for a break. Stopped by a little grocery store, got a 2 liter water, a couple of Tsingtaos, a small o.j., some tucs biscuits. Whipped out my trusty nylon shopping bag, felt like a local, although no one has asked me for directions yet.
Late afternoon headed out this time going west to People's Square. It is where a number of museums are located. Wanted to see how far it was as am planning to hit the Moca Modern Art Museum tomorrow. Beautiful Park, enjoyed another frosty bottle of water.
Ate a "club sandwich" at the hotel lobby cafe/bar when I got back. Not too sure about the fried egg and pickle in it but hit the spot. Had to take a pass on the Russian Restaurant complete with Russian Band and Russian chef that is the featured Hotel restaurant...borscht did not sound too tasty.

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Not for the faint of Heart

Arrived in Shanghai 10:30 p.m. Tuesday the 5th of July. Left for the airport in Houston 6:30 a.m. Monday the 4th of July. The planned 17 hours or so ballooned due to technical difficulties with the plane in Houston. That caused a missed connection in SanFrancisco and a re-route to Shanghai via Beijing. Throw in crossing the International Dateline and magically it was the 5th. Travel time was really only about 23 hours or so. Happily Air China was great. Highlight was the video when we woke up after 6 or 7 hours. They came on the loudspeaker and told us we needed to watch a "health" video and that the 2nd meal service would follow 10 minutes after it. Astonishing, it was a very methodical excercise video clearly designed for stiff groggy passengers. Virtually everyone joined in and I, for one, think it worked. Never felt better after an 11 hour flight, except maybe when I got bumped to Premium Voyager on Air France, although that may have just been the quality wine.

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Photographic Proof

It can be done


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22" Will Do It

Packing Challenge

Seven Weeks, four teaching and three playing, how many outfits does one need? Not too many...helps to have really small shoes.

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Twenty Hours

Much to do

Packing going well. Find myself with lots of loose ends. Details, lesson materials, oops a stop at the ATM needed. Charging Kindle, phone, netbook. Should be ready at dawn tomorrow.

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